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Kamana Rey
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Game fowl breeding is not a simple matter

By Rey Bajenting

Genetics, the science that governs reproduction of genes, is a complicated study on how genes are passed on from one generation to the next. The complexity of genetics is one reason why game fowl breeding is not a simple matter. No breeder, regardless of ability and resources, can be certain of the outcome of a mating. Because of this, breeding is regarded as the highest form of involvement in the chicken sport. It is not easy to become a successful breeder. But this should not discourage us from taking up the challenge and perhaps the satisfaction in creating bloodlines of our own name and liking.

In cockfighting breeding is of utmost importance. It is the chickens’ foundation. Other factors that will contribute in enhancing the good traits set by successful breeding are environment, nutrition and rearing.

Our E-book on how we bred the blakliz, A Guide to Practical Breeding, is also a guide to the ordinary chicken raiser. It is in line with one of the objectives of RB Sugbo Gamefowl Technology which is to design and transfer technology suited to the means of common sabungeros in order to narrow down the gap between the big and the small timers. The point is even small chicken raisers have the right to enjoy every aspect of sabong, including breeding. Also, because at any rate, breeding the game fowl, may it be for big time or backyard, can be a source of additional income.

Genetics is important. We need fundamental knowledge in genetics in order to enjoy and get satisfaction from what we are doing. We cannot enjoy doing something we are ignorant of. Basic knowledge will enable us to set genetic objectives that we can use as yardstick to determine whether we had succeeded or failed. Such objectives could be simple like producing chickens with straight comb. Or complex like combining different fighting traits to produce roosters with power, speed, flight and shuffle--attributes that might be opposites but might yet converge in a bloodline. Without essential knowledge or if we are ignorant of genetics we will not know how to start toward our goal, or we will not even be able to formulate a goal. Basic knowledge and common sense are enough to set one up as a practical breeder of a breed of game fowl.

For discussions of genetics I will refer you to the following books: “ Ang Lihim sa Pagbuo ng Sariling Linyada” 1 and 2; both of Dr. Andrew T. Bunan. and “Mula Itlog Hanggang Sabungan.” By Dr. Andrew T. Bunan; Dr. Ayong Lorenzo and Manny Berbano.



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